Action Potential Productions is the brainchild of Josh Litman.

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A creator at heart, Josh’s love of the arts is what drives him. Born in London, Ontario, Canada in 1989, Josh was first introduced to the world of acting when in Grade 6 he played Theseus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. From that point onward, his path was set. Well… save for that little detour in undergrad where he completed an honours degree specializing in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. What can he say? He loves getting into people’s heads.

Nevertheless, he still managed to cultivate his passion via writing, directing, producing, and acting in numerous short films, plays, and two seasons (25 episodes) of a comedic web-based TV series in his spare time. With the confidence gleaned from these creative endeavours — including the winning of a few key festival awards — he found himself back on track, embarking on the next important phase of his life: Making the move to Los Angeles, California following a dream-fulfilling admission to USC’s School of Cinematic Arts for Film Production.

Josh currently finds himself happily chipping away at his 3rd year in the MFA program.